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2004 recipients

Category Recipient
Acting Rachael Coopes
Instrumental Music            Paul Hankinson
Instrumental Music Tristram Williams           
Painting Adrian Doyle
Poetry Michael Brennan
Prose Mireille Juchau
Singing Celeste Lazarenko

Adrian Doyle

2004 Painting Recipient

Upon winning the Martin Bequest prize in 2004, I was given the freedom to simply be an artist and work on developing my emerging talents in a new environment. I initially decided to use the scholarship to travel to Asia. With the help of the prize, I was able to set up a studio in Thailand, and also learnt to speak fluent Thai. The independence this prize gave me would be the first step towards my growth as an established artist.

After four years, and with a greater amount of global experience and abundant ideas, I returned to Melbourne where I reinstalled the Blender Studio Project Space in 2008. A mix of street artists and fine artists, The Blender Studios is today one of Australia’s most influential art studios. Where artists can gain insight into each other’s media and styles. My aim is to help artist and young people where ever possible.

 After establishing this eclectic institution, I turned my attention to a new project: Michael Koro Galleries, t was set up as an experimental, research space. Now known as Dark Horse Experiment, I seek to challenge the status quo by displaying an extensive variety of research-based art.

I have become ‘the dynamic face of the urban art world in Melbourne’, and as such have been able to bring street art to the public sphere. I am both heavily involved in community art projects, and frequently designs and paints funded projects around Melbourne. As well as this, myself and my fiancé and business partner Piya, have established the lucrative business ‘Melbourne Street Art Tours’, whereby practicing street artists take groups of people around Melbourne’s laneways to explore the street-art first hand.

In the midst of travelling abroad, setting up studios, establishing a gallery and running a business, I have developed from a young, emerging creator into an established, mid-career artist. Since 2004, I have experienced both local and international success. As well as having sell-out solo shows each year in cities across Australia. I have also shown internationally in cities such as New York, Budapest and Dublin. I have been involved in numerous group shows, notably his 2008 show ‘Home at Last’ in the National Gallery of Australia. Of late, I have played the main character, himself, in ABC1 Artscape’s ‘Suptopia: The Myth of Doyle’, which has been dubbed an Art Piece in the Medium of TV.

I am currently working on my PhD, which explores the aesthetics of suburbia.