2015 winners

We are proud, along with our judges, to announce the winners of the 2015 Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarships. Each scholarship is worth $20,000 and paid over a two year period to support the activities to further our winners artistic careers.

The winners are:

Acting: Josh Price, Ildiko Susany, Duncan Ragg, Nicole Shostak,
Eryn Jean Norvill
and Nikki Shiels

Painting: Sean Crossley, Marc Freeman, Emily Hunt, Samuel Quinteros, Hayley Megan French and Tara Marynowsky

Sculpture: Paul Yore, Alica Couttoupes, Marley Dawson, Tully Arnot, Adelle Mills and Damien Butler

Singing: Maximilian Riebl, Alexandra Flood, Elly Hoyt, Corinne Cowling and Hannah Dahlenburg


Josh Price

Josh Price will use his Marten Bequest scholarship to travel to the UK to undertake a workshop with theatre company Complicite in Oxford, contact improvisation training with London Contact Improvisation, movement skills development with Chunky Move, as well as a physical theatre workshop with Frantic Assembly. He will also spend time in Berlin developing a solo performance text and travel to New York to attend festivals and workshops which will further his career as an actor and performance maker internationally.

Ildiko Susany

Ildiko Susany will use the scholarship for activities throughout the US, namely in New York and Los Angeles, where she will  take part in programs such as the Atlantic Theatre Company's Summer Intensive program and The Second City's Summer Immersion classes in Writing and Improvisation. While continuing to develop her craft through masterclasses, Ildiko will also immerse herself in the rich environment of Broadway. With the assistance of the scholarship she hopes to become a strong representative of diversity within Australia's performing arts scene. 

Duncan Ragg

Duncan Ragg will travel to Chicago to partake in the Summer Intensive at the Steppenwolf Theatre School. He will then visit New York City to attend a devising workshop with The TEAM and begin a series of new collaborations. Duncan will continue on to Paris, where he will to study Clowning and Le Jeu at L'Ecole Philippe Gaulier, before returning to Australia to develop new Australian works with his theatre collective. Duncan’s activities will ultimately enhance various elements of his craft.

Nicole Shostak

Nicole Shostak’s scholarship will assist her to travel to Chicago, St Petersburg, Russia, New York City and Los Angeles. In Chicago she will study improvisational comedy, clowning, and writing for comedy at The Second City Comedy School, enhancing her capabilities as a writer and producer for Australian comedy. Another highlight will  be her participation in classes at the St Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy.  She will also continue to refine her audition technique during this time.

Eryn Jean Norvill

Eryn Jean Norvill will travel to Los Angeles for two months to study Long Form Improvisation with the Upright Citizens Brigade. Her aim is to return with a new approach to generating local stories which will invigorate the Australian arts scene.  Eryn will also facilitate a Lindy Davies Masterclass in New York to investigate her interest in directing. Throughout her journey she will look to create overseas connections.

Nikki Shiels

Nikki Shiels plans to develop her skills in performing Shakespeare overseas, with the long term goal of extending her theatre career to the UK. Her scholarship will allow her to undertake workshops at the Kristen Linklater Voice Centre, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London Shakespeare Summer School and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London. She will also build foundations for international relationships in her field.


Sean Crossley

Sean Crossely will use his scholarship funds to embark upon a residency overseas which will  develop important pathways in his work. He will also undertake several research tours. In his own words, his scholarship activities will allow him “to construct conceptual frameworks for more ambitious projects and expand the core ideas that I have identified over the past two years”.  His overseas travel will enable Sean to effectively work with a network of artists, galleries, collectors and critics to help further his career.

Marc Freeman

Marc Freeman will use the scholarship funds to attend art institutions, museums and archives in order to research culturally significant and reoccurring iconography. He hopes to introduce these influences into his current practice, which is deeply engaged in the western cannon of Abstraction. Marc will also spend three months completing a residency at Red Gate Residency in Beijing, which will facilitate an ongoing relationship with local artist and enrich his time in the studio by giving his work a local voice which will be appreciated by the larger arts community.

Emily Hunt

Emily Hunt will use the scholarship to pursue her interests in decorative painting on ceramics in Belgium and Germany.  She will first undertake a rigorous six-month painting program at the Van der Kelen Logelain School for decorative painting in Brussels. Following this Emily will take part in a second six-month residency at the Centre for Ceramics in Berlin, applying painterly techniques to Limoges porcelain..  Her long term goal is to position herself as an international artist working between Australia and Europe.

Samuel Quinteros

Samuel Quinteros will base himself in Belgium, from which he will tour museums and galleries throughout Europe and build professional relationships with  local art communities. Following this  significant educational experience, he will  return to his focus on Japanese art, undertaking a residency with the arts organisation ‘3331 Arts Chiyoda’ in Tokyo for three months. The residency  will allow Samuel to work towards an exhibition, build professional relationships in Japan and further his study Japanese artistic culture.

Hayley Megan French

Hayley French will undertake a two month research trip to Warmun Art Centre (WAC) and the East Kimberley Region of Western Australia, where she will expand her studies on the painting practices of senior Gija artists. Her work will involve developing sketches and concepts, emerging from an ongoing investigation of  space and understandings of landscape, which will then be translated into a new body of paintings.  She will also develop existing mentoring relationships to support her career.

Tara Marynowsky

Tara Marynowsky will travel widely with her scholarship funds, including to New York, where she will engage  with contemporary art practices, and the UK, where she will collect Edwardian and Victorian documents and artefacts. These experiences will inform her new work, which she will commence during  a four month residency at La Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris).Her overarching aim is to investigate symbolism in art and cultural belonging through African American art, French symbolism and English culture. 


Paul Yore

Paul Yore will utilise his scholarship to travel across the US for 6 months, undertaking research into American folk art, textiles and outsider art. He will be investigating over 20 significant visionary art environments, including Watts Towers, Salvation Mountain and Garden of Eden. These experiences will allow him to engage with a multitude of art-forms first hand, meet like-minded practitioners and learn skills in practices as diverse as junk art and traditional quilting.  During this time Paul hopes to work towards the development of a mixed- media sculptural installation to be exhibited in Melbourne.

Alice Couttoupes

Alice Couttoupes will use the scholarship to fund four separate trips that will foster research and skill development in her field of sculptural ceramics. She will undertake two residencies at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen, China, to improve and expand her skills by working with local artisans. During these visits she intends to create  new bodies of work. Alice will also travel to England to research ceramic history and colonial botany, visiting local artisans, The Potteries  and the British Ceramics Biennale in Stoke-on-Trent.  She will continue to  build on her technical capabilities locally, taking inspiration from the Australian Ceramics Triennale in Canberra.

Marley Dawson

Marley Dawson will devote the scholarship to continuing his research and practice in the US. He will first undertake an intensive research period at The Phillips Collection, Washington, followed by a tour of museums and galleries in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Illinois and Massachusetts. Marley will then commence six months of studio practice within the Philadelphia arts community and hopes that his activities will culminate in exhibitions in both the US and Australia.

Tully Arnot

Tully Arnot will begin his travels in Australia by creating work for the Brisbane Powerhouse, followed by inaugural solo exhibitions in Melbourne and New Zealand. Tully will then collaborate with Chinese-Australian artist Jason Phu to establish a large studio in Chongqing, where he will develop the complexity and scale of his work by hiring an assistant. He will later take up an Australia Council residency at the Greene Street studio in New York, where he will undertake a mentorship and expand his international networks.  

Adelle Mills

Adelle Mills will use the scholarship to fund three months of research in the US into the legacy of conceptualism, followed by an exhibition in LA. She will then spend six months developing a new body of work at the Gertrude Contemporary Studio in Melbourne. Adelle will return to the US for a number of short term research activities, including visits to the Smithsonian Archives of American Art in New York and the Video Data Bank at the Institute of Chicago to generate new material for her practice.

Damien Butler

Damien Butler will undertake two six month residencies at the Contemporary Fine Arts Academy in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, under the tutorage of the school’s Head of Sculpture.  Damien is particularly interested in accessing an international discourse through this important European institution. He will return to Australia between the study periods to continue developing local projects and planning longer-term international initiatives.  


Maximilian Riebl

Maximilian Riebl will use the scholarship to establish a base in Vienna, where he will undertake intensive vocal study with a counter-tenor specialist. He will also take private lessons at the Basel Schola Contorum in Switzerland, before auditioning for a number of baroque companies. He will participate in summer courses in Germany and Holland to continue to refine his craft and consolidate his place as a respected artist by working with highly professional directors.

Alexandra Flood

Alexandra Flood will be able to commence a Masters of Opera in Munich due to the scholarship funding. This further training will be invaluable in enhancing her vocal and acting technique. Over an 18 month period, Alexandra will undertake a comprehensive study program at the Bayerische Theaterakademie August Everding school, which will involve  many in-school and professional performance opportunities. This proximity to her industry in Europe and exposure to audition opportunities out of reach from Australia will assist Alexandra to be more competitive internationally.

Elly Hoyt

Elly Hoyt will use the scholarship to improve her understanding of musical theory and to enhance her skills in composition and improvisation. She intends to study a Masters of Music (Jazz Performance) at the New England Conservatory (NEC) in Boston, Massachusetts, to support her professional development. By studying overseas, Elly hopes to not only advance her musicianship, but gain access to performance and international networking opportunities. Elly is also currently working on releasing her second album.

Corinne Cowling

Corrine Cowling will commence the Guildhall Artist Masters in Performance (Vocal Studies) program in late 2015 aided by the scholarship funding. This two-year program is based in London. Corrine has been in consultation  with the staff at the Guildhall School, including Australian soprano Yvonne Kenny, to confirm her exclusive program. Her studies will support her aim to become a professional opera singer on the international stage.

Hannah Dahlenburg

Hannah Dahlenburg will move from Manchester, where she is currently studying a one-year Masters of Music at the Royal Northern College of Music, to Berlin with the assistance of the scholarship. Combined with coaching, she will to continue to audition for companies, competitions and artist programs across Europe and work on her German language fluency with further study. Hannah is aiming  to build on the strong foundations she has laid for her career thus far through further overseas work and competition experience.