5 March 2019

Perpetual has today announced the winners of the 2014 Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarships, which will give 15 young Australian artists the opportunity to pursue their artistic gifts locally and abroad.

A total of $300,000 will be distributed to the winners by Perpetual as trustee of the scholarship program, which was established as a charitable trust by the performing artist and author John Chisholm Marten. Each winning artist across the five categories – architecture, ballet, instrumental music, poetry and prose – will receive a scholarship worth $20,000.

Perpetual’s General Manager of Philanthropy, Andrew Thomas, said travel is a very effective tool for young artists wanting to develop their innovation and creativity, and also refine their skills and experience.

“Perpetual is delighted to acknowledge and celebrate this outstanding pool of talented artists who are excelling in their chosen fields,” Mr Thomas said.

“Perpetual warmly congratulates each of the winners on their achievement. We are confident the Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarships will allow them to pursue opportunities that otherwise may not have been possible and help them to excel in their careers through further study, research and training in Australia and overseas.”

The 2014 Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarships winners include:


Charlotte Algie, William Harvey-Jones and James Thomas Barclay – Ms Algie and Mr Barclay are planning to travel to the US East Coast to undertake further graduate study to challenge and re-imagine their practice, while Mr Harvey-Jones will travel to Japan to produce a documentary film on architecture in post-disaster reconstruction following the 2007 tsunami disasters.


Olivia Paine, Belle Beasley and Samuel Pereira – Ms Paine, Ms Beasley and Mr Pereira are auditioning for programs overseas to continue their ballet training, awaiting offers. Ms Paine and Mr Pereira graduated from The Australian Ballet School last year, while Ms Beasley graduated from the National College of Dance in Newcastle.

Instrumental music

Rosie Gallagher, Emily Sun and Man Chung Nicholas Young – the scholarships will support Ms Gallagher, Ms Sun and Mr Young in their graduate studies. Ms Gallagher will commence a position as a flutist at The Royal Academy of Music in the UK, while Ms Sun is currently exploring postgraduate options for the violin. Mr Young will continue his graduate studies for the piano at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in Austria.


Candy Royalle, Jessica Wilkinson and Elizabeth Campbell – Ms Royalle plans to travel to the UK to take part in advanced courses in performance poetry, while Ms Wilkinson will travel overseas to conduct research on choreographer George Balanchine for her next book-length poetry work. Ms Campbell will travel to Europe to conduct historical research for her next collection of poems.


Laura Jean McKay, Tom Lee and Ender Baskan – Ms McKay plans to travel Australia to undertake residencies involving organisations that work with animals as part of her prose research, while Mr Lee plans to travel to explore a concept for his next work. Mr Baskan will travel to Europe as part of his journey to write a travel memoir and novel.

The scholarships were established by the late theatrical artist John Chisholm Marten in his will in 1964 and first awarded in 1975. They are awarded to Australian-born artists who show outstanding ability and promise in their field between the ages of 21 and 35, with the exception of ballet which is open to 17 to 35 year olds.

To view the announcements, and hear from the judges and winners, visit the website. Further information about the 2014 Marten Bequest Travelling Scholarships can also be found at www.martenbequest.com.au

Later in 2019, applications will be open for the four other categories of the scholarship to be awarded in 2019; acting, painting, sculpture and singing.

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